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Rebecca A. Barrington

Rebecca Anne Barrington (born 1975) is a writer and painter.

Background: Rebecca grew up in Lake Geneva, a resort town on the Wisconsin/Illinois border. Her father, Everet Barrington, work in the marine industry. Her mother, Nell Forsythe, was a schoolteacher in Illinois. They deceased when Rebecca was a teenager. She has two brothers, Charles and James. Currently she lives in Missoula, Montana and Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico.

In her desire to publish her writings, Barrington issued first drafts of her work online. This feverish output has resulted in 1000s of web pages, most likely the most of any website author producing original first-draft work.

She is the author of Unfolding the First Skin, a punk cult favorite, and is in progress on a new novel tentatively titled 1107 Pleasant Street, and the premier film script Flip-O-Matic.

Barrington creates small narrative paintings that are inspired by Mexican ex votos in a style she calls “flatface”. She signs them with in block letters Lu Lu, the name of her mother’s beloved snow-white cockatoo. The paintings are in collections across the states as well as in England, Germany, Sweden, Japan, and Bolivia.

"Dancing Naked in the Living Room"


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